What if we could work together
to make our schools better?

We accept so much of what is required of students in public education, even as we express frustration at the over-reaching legislative mandates that smother creativity and the ability to provide a student-focused program.

Have You Ever Wondered Why...

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Does everyone really need Algebra 2, Physics, and four years of writing research papers in English? Because, currently, students complete those courses, graduate, and then cannot find a job earning a livable wage.

What in the world are we doing?

What if we designed schools with...

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Small, Safe Learning Pods for Every Student

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Teacher as Mentor and Guide

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Tech-based Instruction

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Student Driven Learning Paths

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Personalized Learning and Curriculum

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Mastery-based Foundation + Interest-Driven Curriculum + Internships

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Educating and Valuing the Whole Student

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Connected, Collaborative Communities

We Can Make This Happen

You can help bring this plan to life by joining the voices of those pushing for change.

If you are waiting for legislators to make the type of radical positive changes that we need in public schools, then you'll be waiting forever.

We Have a Serious Problem and It's Not Going to Go Away on Its Own

They Might Be Able to Pass a Test

What If...

we get rid of wasteful spending on high-stakes standardized testing and use the money to provide kids with modern tech tools and more teachers so we have smaller class sizes?

But They Probably Can't Get a Job

What If...

we make sure our kids have employability skills and are still able to go to college if they choose?

Whose Fault Do You Think this Failure Is?

What If...

WE stopped blaming each other for how WE are failing to prepare our kids and decided, instead, to just move forward with positive changes?

Big, bold, positive changes.








The good news is that WE can make our schools better!

The even BETTER news is that the time is NOW to make it happen.


It is going to require more than just patching a broken system.

Why Don't We Try Distributed Schools?

It's Time that We Had a Voice

We are only going to fix our public school systems if we all band together:  parents + teachers + principals + community members + business owners, and demand that the legislative mandates that smother and cripple our schools be released so we can build something new and better.

We can do this. Help me get it started and give a voice to our need for change.

Tell others about the need for Distributed Schools.

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Dr. Sara J. Baker
ParentTeacherSchool LeaderCollege ProfessorAdvocate


Twenty years of experience creating and leading innovative educational programs that provide students with hope and opportunity for an improved future.


Believes that EVERY student deserves an educational program that is based on their individual needs and that provides them with choice and engaging experiences.


The time is now! Let's redesign our systems from the top to the bottom. We must redesign our schools to empower educators to create student-focused schools.

It's Time For the Next Step

Education has the power to transform the lives of students by overcoming the barriers of equity, but our current systems are not designed to provide a personalized experience that helps each student reach full potential.

Let's Get In Touch

Don’t hestiate to email me with any questions you might have or ideas that you'd like to share. Email me directly at SaraBaker@vbiEducation.com

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